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February, 2013

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NJ Science Teachers Association

The NJ Science Teachers Association
Merck Institute for Science Education
present the
63rd Annual Merck State Science Day
Tuesday, May 23, 2012

Registration from Feb 1 thru Apr 15

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Merck Institute for Science Education

Students 2 Science

News Item:   Students 2 Science

The No. Jersey Section plans to partner with Students 2 Science, Inc., a NJ non-profit corporation that inspires, motivates, and educates Middle School Students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM subjects).  [ details... ]


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ACS Webinars

ACS Webinars are a weekly online event serving to connect ACS members and scientific professionals with subject matter experts and global thought leaders in chemical sciences, management, and business.  [ details... ]


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